Digital skills I would like master

Photo by Jason Strull on Unsplash

Before writing more about digital skills and how to improve them, I would like to think I should master a certain set of digital skills first before claiming to be and expert and writing about them more.

In this article, I would focus on three particular set of skills I thought is worth having in this modern day and age.

A disclaimer I would like to mentioned before diving in is; I am from a third world country where technology has just begun to touch. Hence, lots of us are still to hone the basics of digital skills anyone in a first world country would have taken for granted by now.

Firstly, connecting to and using the internet. Yes, I’ve warned you already. I would really like to master how to effectively and productively use the internet. Browsing the internet and opening emails are the basics of it, but I really want to know more.

I would like to be familiar and know my way around it, such as deeply researching on the internet. Not just googling stuff, but in-depth digging to find out academic papers, journals, press releases and the wealth of materials that are beneath the results search engines produce.

I would like to be familiar around using the tons of Software as a Service applications that crowd the online world to date. Despite all the hype in UI/UX, I still think some of the most effective online applications out their need a certain level of know-how to use them.

Secondly, I would like to master the art of communicating online using all the communication mediums available. There are three main forms of communications to date; text, audio and video.

Its safe to say all of those three are a mere ‘walk in the park’ and of course they are. It becomes tricky when we have to involve emotions in the way we communicate. Emoticons are there to help but not enough I guess.

Communications can only be effective when the messages send and received are well understood and concise, literally and emotionally. I think it is a digital skill on its own and I would like to master it.

Third, I would like to know how to teach my self through the thousands of online learning platforms and resources that are already out there.

This is another ‘walk in the park’ but its not that simple as one thinks. I have always struggle to keep up with my online lessons. Starting one is easy, but keeping at it to the end is a struggle for me. Maybe I just need to fix ‘focus’ related issues.

But again, in a third world country, where quality internet is either non-existent or expensive. Online learning is only a dream and so self learning online is still something some of us are still to master.

So in conclusion, the three things I wish to master in order to secure my digital skills moving forward in the tech future are; using the internet, communicating effectively on the internet and effective online learning on the internet.

I hope to gather more digital skills and master them in depth so I can be able to write more about them.

Stay hungry, stay foolish. A keen learner I am.